1. Validity of purchase conditions

By making a purchase, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Purchase Terms and Privacy Policy. The Terms and Conditions are valid between the users (hereinafter the Buyer) and the owner of the Malongo Coffeeshop web shop, the Malongo Kohvisõprade Klubi (registry code:80388165 ), located at Mägimänni talu, Kabina village, Luunja parish, 62202 Tartumaa, Estonia.

In addition to these terms and conditions, the legal relationships arising from the purchase of products from the Web Store are governed by the Law of Obligations Act (hereinafter VÕS), the Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter TKS) and other legal acts. The webshop reserves the right to make changes to the terms of sale. These changes are reflected in the terms and conditions of the online store.

2. Price information

All prices shown in the Online Store without VAT.

Additional charges, including transportation or administration fees, may be added to the price of the item listed on the Web Store as set out in the Purchase Terms. The amount of additional charges depends on the value of the Customer's shopping cart and the method of delivery chosen by the Customer. The cost added to the price of the purchased products will be calculated and noted in your shopping cart when placing the order.

The web shop reserves the right to make changes in the sales prices. These changes will be reflected on the website.

3. Ordering

Choose the right products. Add the products you want to the cart.

To place an order, first click on the "Submit Order" link in the shopping cart.

Fill in the required fields on the order form, select the appropriate shipping method and payment method and click on the "Confirm Order" link.

By choosing "Pay now" as your payment method, you can pay conveniently via the bank link (Baltic and Finnish banks). Your order, along with your payment information, will also be sent to your email.

Fill in the fields on the Data and Order Confirmation page carefully, as the accuracy and accuracy of the information provided will depend on the prompt and smooth delivery of the products you have purchased and the subsequent resolution of disputes and claims.

Orders placed in the web shop are processed on weekdays (Mon-Fri 9 am - 5 pm). If the order is placed on Mon-Fri before 12 noon and has been paid by that time (or a copy of the payment order has been sent), the order will be shipped the same day if possible. If the order is placed on Friday after 12 noon, the order will be placed on the following Monday. Also applies to "pick up the goods myself" delivery option. Please contact the e-shop's contact number in advance.

4. Entry into force of the contract of sale

The sales contract will take effect after the order is paid by customer.

With the Goods Sales Agreement, the Online Store undertakes to hand over the purchased Goods to the Buyer and to make possible the transfer of ownership to the Buyer, the Buyer undertakes to pay to the Online Store the amount indicated on the invoice for the Goods and accept the Goods.

Unpaid orders will be canceled 3 days after the order is placed.

5. Shipping

After the contract of sale enters into force, the online store will complete the order and deliver it to the logistics partners. Delivery of goods in stock usually takes 1-3 business days. If the item is out of stock and must be ordered, the average delivery time is 2-4 weeks. The exact delivery time is indicated on each product.

Delivery times shown in the online store are valid from the moment the order is received.

For prompt delivery, the Purchaser must provide true and valid information when entering delivery details. In case of inaccurate delivery information or failure to pick up the goods at the parcel terminal, the additional cost of delivery shall be paid by the Buyer.

The webshop is not responsible for any delay in delivery due to the delay of the logistics partner or due to force majeure (natural disaster, war situation).

If the ordered goods cannot be delivered due to the unexpected expiration of the goods, the Online Shop shall inform the Purchaser thereof and refund the money paid to the Purchaser (including delivery costs) immediately, but not later than within 14 days.

6. Return of goods

After receiving the order, the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded in the e-shop within 14 days. The standard withdrawal form can be found here - Return of Goods.

Non-defective returned goods must be in undamaged and unopened packaging. Upon deterioration of the condition of the object to be returned, the Buyer shall be liable for the decrease in value due to the use of the thing if the Buyer has significantly damaged the commercial condition of the goods and the sales value of the goods has therefore decreased.

To return the goods, you must submit a cancellation form.  Return the goods or send an application to the e-shop contact email no later than 14 days after receipt of the goods.

The Web Store shall refund the purchase amount, together with the shipping costs, upon receipt of the application for return and the returned goods to the Buyer immediately, but not later than within 14 days. The cost of delivery shall not be refunded to the Buyer if the returned goods are not defective and conform to the product description, in which case the Buyer shall bear the costs of the withdrawal.

Purchased goods cannot be returned if the ordered product has been manufactured according to the customer's personal needs or according to the terms and conditions specified by the customer and as a special order. There is no return if this is contrary to public health or hygiene requirements, such as open linen and perishable goods. Also, open-source computer software and audio-video recordings cannot be returned.

7. Force majeure

The Web Store shall not be liable for any damage or delay in the delivery of goods to the Purchaser if the delay or delay in delivery is due to circumstances beyond the control or foreseeability of the Web Store (natural disaster, martial law, etc.).

8. Processing of personal data

By entering data in the online shop and confirming this, the Buyer grants the right to collect and process the Buyer's personal information (name, contact phone, parcel delivery and / or home address, e-mail address) and forward it to the logistics partner for delivery.

The Buyer has the right to choose whether to receive e-shop newsletter and other information for the contact details left in his / her Web Store.

The Purchaser shall have the right at any time to prohibit the collection and use of his / her personal data, except to the extent required to recover a claim under the contract or to deliver the goods.

The Buyer has the right to request the deletion of his / her personal data and account from the e-shop environment.

9. Warranty and Claims Procedure

The product is covered by the manufacturer's warranty provided that it is stated in the product description or in the documentation accompanying the product. The warranty is subject to the manufacturer's warranty conditions, which may vary by manufacturer. The absence of warranty does not exclude the right of the Buyer to make claims.

The buyer retains the right to file a claim for 2 years after the purchase of the goods.

The Webshop shall be liable for non-conformity or defects in the goods sold to the Purchaser for up to two years after delivery of the goods to the Purchaser.

The Buyer shall have the right to contact the Online Shop within two months at the latest if a defect is discovered by submitting a sales invoice, contract or other proof of purchase.

Should the goods become defective, please contact the Online Store immediately and stop using the goods.

Repair or replacement of defective goods shall be agreed between the Web Store and the Buyer.

The Web Store shall not be liable for any defect in the Product due to the Buyer's fault, which has been caused by improper use of the Product or deliberate infringement thereof.

In the event of non-conformity or defect of the product, please forward the relevant information to the e-mail address of the e-shop indicating the orderer's name, contact phone number, order number and a detailed description of the non-conformity or defect of the product.

Complaints about product deficiencies or defects must be filed within two months of the discovery of the defect or defect in the product.

All claims submitted will be reviewed as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after receipt of the claim.