Rombouts operates in Belgium, being one of the oldest coffee producers in Europe. Rombouts was founded in 1896 as a family company and remains so today. Malongo is a subsidiary of Rombouts, operating in France since 1968. Malongo coffee shops, which started their activities on the Mediterranean coast, in the South of France, have spread to other European countries today. The main values ​​of Rombouts' business philosophy are high quality, valuing people's work and constant innovation in order to offer their customers the best possible coffee. The Royal House of Belgium has shown its support for Rombouts' business philosophy by granting the right to use its coat of arms. The Royal House of Belgium has been a regular customer of Rombouts since 1966. Malongo has been supplying coffee to the French presidential palace since 1995. French chefs Alain Cucasse (1990) and Paul Bocuse (2007) also belong to the honorable list of our regular coffee customers. Café de Paris in Monaco uses 500,000 Malongo coffee pods a year, being a customer since 1960. The birth of the Coffee Friends Club. In recent years, Rombouts and its subsidiary Malongo brand products have also become favorites of many Estonians. In the Nordic countries (including Estonia) the Swedish MLM company Zinzino is the official representative of the Rombouts and Malongo brand. Unfortunately, based on the policy of this company, the prices of the corresponding products in these countries are several times higher, compared to the price level of the retail chains of the rest of the European countries. Since in our opinion such special treatment of coffee lovers is unfair, a group of enthusiasts formed a private club in the summer of 2013 as a solution to such a situation, which offers its club members: 

Top quality and always fresh coffee 

The best and fastest service 

The best possible price 

In connection with the continued expansion of the Coffee Club and the increase in workload, it was decided to form the Malongo Coffee Friends Club NGO. From now on, we can include as members of the Club not only private individuals, but also companies that respect Malongo/Rombouts' high-quality products and that need a cost document. About the right of representation The fact that a brand's representation already exists in Estonia does not automatically mean that no one else can import this product into the country bring and sell. International commercial law treats such a situation as the exhaustion of the trademark owner's exclusive rights at the regional level, which means that if the goods have been marketed by the trademark owner or with his consent in the market of a certain region (usually a free trade region, e.g. the European Union, NAFTA), a third party can resell the goods in any to another country within the same region, and such resale does not violate the trademark owner's exclusive rights. If you are interested, you can read more about this topic by googling - Parallel import in the European Union Malongo Coffee Friends Club NGO is an unofficial representative of Rombouts and Malongo and is not a profit-seeking company. The main goal of the coffee club is to make high-quality coffee available to its members at the best possible price.