Replaceable filter B100-25 for Maxfor AQUAPHOR® as well as filter jugs from leading German, US and UK manufacturers*. B100-25 (Maxfor) cleans better and costs less than similar models. The filter is suitable for espresso machines using 123Spresso type coffee pods, such as Zinzino, Malongo and Rombouts. Cleans 170 liters of water. AQUAPHOR® water filters are better than competitors, because according to the results of tests according to the requirements of GOST R 51872-2002 and NSF 42 and NSF 53, they: remove common contaminants (sand, clay, rust); remove organic pollutants (phenols, pesticides, chlorine compounds); remove unpleasant tastes, odors and scum on the water surface; remove heavy metal ions; removes colloidal iron compounds (yellow sediment that can often be seen on pipe fittings); removes germs, bacteria and viruses; has a high filtration rate. Suitable for replacing Brita Maxtra filters. Aquaphor Maxfor filters are also available in major electronics stores (Euronics) and food stores (Prisma, Selver, etc.)
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